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Three things to bring clarity to the group:

1. Purpose: This group has been opened up as platform to use as we collaborate in prayer together. In addition it is to allow prayer leaders and participants to connect and share together in the area of prayer. (Note: This group is NOT a group to sell products or teach on prayer from. We just need to allow for the general process of connection, sharing different models and collaboration.)

2. We invite practitioners and other prayer leaders to contribute and participate. Some of the areas that we can do this is by way of sharing of resources, questions, prayer models, prayer devotionals. We would love it if you have any “collaborative, network, or partnership” models for prayer or even prayer models for distributed teams that you might want to share.

3. As a facilitator, new content will be added each month. To help the process flow into the coming days, or anywhere along the way feel free to send in ideas or articles for consideration: http:[email protected]