Community Guidelines



Synergy Commons is a community of practice for collaborative network leaders working to advance the Kingdom. While we each bring to this task different gifts, resources and strategies, we are a community united in Jesus Christ and a common Kingdom mandate. Therefore, all members agree to conduct themselves in a spirit of unity with generous grace, respectful humility and love for one another as members of the same body.


I agree to look for ways to bless, encourage and support other members.

I agree to participate in the Commons with a spirit of unity that celebrates and respects the diversity of gifts, talents, callings and cross-cultural strengths of all community members. We recognize that we are all members of one body who each have value and purpose. This is not a community divided by difference or us vs. them world views. Rather, we commit ourselves to be a community united by our Lord’s mandate to reach a lost world in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a unity of spirit and engagement not based on mere tolerance, but rather that of Christian love one for another.

I agree to respect the confidentiality and security concerns of other members by not sharing or publishing any member or ministry information without the specific permission and approval of that member.

I agree to assume another member’s good intent – recognizing that electronic forms of communication and cross-cultural differences can result in unintended statements and communications.

I agree to show respect and grace in all interactions by avoiding personal attacks and demeaning, inflammatory, derogatory or inappropriate language in your shared communications, content or images. This is not a place to discuss doctrinal differences or to engage in theological and political debates. Inappropriate communications, trolling, flame wars etc. will result in the removal of the content and a reminder of the policies regarding conduct on the site. Repeated abuses will result in the member being banned and losing membership privileges.

I agree to respect each member’s contributions, copyright and trademark restrictions, and give attribution for all material downloaded from the site. We apply a Creative Content License to all content not specifically copyrighted or trademarked by other individuals or organizations and request community users use the same licensing standard for community content.

I agree to contribute to the community by offering suggestions for improvement, recommending and contributing collaborative network leadership resources, participating in discussions, inviting other collaborative network leaders and sharing your experience as appropriate.

I agree to respect the purpose of the Commons by not marketing or promoting personal or ministry products and services to members of the Commons using information gathered from the Commons or by posting / publishing product information to the Commons.

I agree to respect the purpose of the Commons by not requesting funding, resources, or supplies for oneself, one’s ministry or ministry projects using information gathered from the Commons or through the use of the Common’s services. The Commons is a community of practice and learning for current and future leaders of missional networks and partnerships. In this context, these kinds of requests are not appropriate.

I agree, after first prayerfully striving to resolve any differences or misuses of the site personally, to report abuse or misuse of the website and its guidelines to the site curators.