The Synergy Commons offers members insightful presentations focused on the themes of global collaboration, mission partnerships, and network leadership. These webinars are brought to you by community members and guest speakers with experience launching and leading collaborative initiatives around the world. Register for upcoming webinars and browse the list of past webinars below.


Upcoming Webinar

Global Networks: Taking a Network Approach to Equipping Healthy Churches

Presenter: Amanda Jackson, Secretary General for Church in Community with WEA
Date: Wednesday, 12 April 2017
Time: 2pm PST / 5pm EST / UTC-7 (time zone converter)
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: Free


Past Webinars

Millennials in Mission: Engaging the Next Generation of Collaborative Leaders (Member Only)
The next Generation (Gen Y) and the one following fast (Gen Z) are a new type of missionary and easily misunderstood. They are full of passion, ready to take risks, educated, and uniquely gifted and positioned. Unfortunately, generational misunderstandings frequently lead to Millennials being under-utilized and misunderstood on the field. Accordingly many leave or don’t come at all. In this webinar we would like to provoke discussion on the importance of building and fostering the Millennial Generation.

Collaborative Mentoring: Growing Effective Collaboration Leaders (Member Only)
Mentoring collaboration leaders requires a collaborative style of mentoring that goes beyond sharing experience and advice. In this webinar, Tim Brown, Senior Advisor for visionSynergy, will share a partnership-based approach to mentoring collaborative leaders developed over 10 years of working with oral culture leaders to expand their collaboration capacity.

Committed Collaboration: Creating a framework for trust and mutual accountability (Member Only)
Dee Moskoff, Executive Director of the Connect Network, discusses how turning shared values and vision into action requires organizations and networks to build deeper levels of accountability and partnership. This transition is where networks often get stuck. In this webinar, Dee Moskoff shares a 3 stage process for building Kingdom partnership agreements that achieve results while protecting relationships and trust.

Working Together: Using a Lean Canvas Approach to Planning Collaborative Kingdom Projects (Member Only)
In this webinar presented to Synergy Commons members, Cru project specialist Paul Konstanski introduces the Lean Canvas as a valuable tool for strategic planning.

Collaborating to Reach the Muslim World with the Gospel (Member Only)
Can partnerships produce a lasting impact on the Muslim world? In this webinar, Fouad Masri, CEO of Crescent Project, discusses the challenges of leading in the midst of rising fear and anger towards Muslims and the power of partnership to overcome these challenges and reach Muslim Communities with the gospel.

Releasing the Power of Your Network (Member Only)
Phill Butler gives five key network leadership principles that release the power of networks and their leadership teams to accomplish the seemingly impossible task. Filled with practical stories and anecdotes, this webinar is an invaluable resource for network leaders looking to start or grow an effective network.

Media and Collaboration (Member Only)
Clyde Taber talks about the impact of media and collaboration on missions. He shares about the Visual Story Network and how media is accelerating, enabling, and supporting ministry collaboration.

Networking and Partnering
Ernie Addicott explains the difference between networks and partnerships and briefly outlines the three key stages of partnership development.

Working Groups
John Blake and Bill Sunderland outline five steps in working group development for networks and partnerships.

Accountability: Who, What, How?
Phill Butler discusses the who, what, and how of accountability in missional networks and partnerships.

Shared Vision
John Blake talks about the process of developing shared vision for a network and outlines four components of a powerful vision.

Mining Your Network
Lucas King outlines four essentials for increasing the level of engagement, contribution, and sharing within missional networks and partnerships.

Networking and Consultations
Dave Hackett describes four different levels of engagement in missional networks and concludes with a helpful outline for creating a consultation summary report.

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