Keeping Prayer Alive at the Heart of Your Network


How persistent and present is prayer in the life of your network? How much is prayer a part of your network’s on-going conversations, decisions, and plans? In this one hour webinar, we will look at practical ways network leaders can:

  • Sustain and grow their network’s prayer life
  • Weave prayer into the structure and strategy of your network
  • Explore the role of Prayer Strategist and Prayer Coordinator and
  • Invite prayer in their network’s conversations, decisions, and planning processes

Through case studies and stories from three different networks, our three panelists: Linda Bemis with ION, Jenny Oliphant with Ethne, and 12:14 Coalition, and Austen Ukachi with MANI, share what they have learned about keeping prayer alive and at the heart of their networks vision and work.


Additional Resources

    • Reaching the Unreached (Video)
      This newly revised 9 min. “Spirit of the Moravians” video is about prayer movements and mission movements coming together.
  • Partnership Essentials: Prayer
    Phill Butler highlights the spiritual basis of collaboration and partnership and the essential role of prayer in the development and growth of a partnership.

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