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4 Ways Partnerships with other Churches Proclaim the Gospel

“As I considered the role of the local church to advance Jesus’ Kingdom, cooperation and genuine collaboration with other Jesus-loving pastors and churches in my city was no longer an ‘overrated’ option” – Daryl Crouch


In this article, Pastor Daryl Crouch shares how his beliefs about the value of church partnership changed from indifference to seeing it as an essential practice. He also highlights four ways that collaboration can extend the gospel into our communities:

  1. Metrics extend beyond the church
  2. Relationships extend beyond the church
  3. Trust extends beyond the church
  4. Impact extends beyond the church


  1. How might effective church and ministry collaboration and partnership strengthen the church and it’s community credibility and witness?
  2. What might be the value of Network’s partnering with other networks?
  3. What would it take to convince you that church, ministry or network partnerships are essential?


Daryl Crouch. 4 Ways Partnerships with other Churches Proclaim The Gospel. August 24, 2018.

One thought on “4 Ways Partnerships with other Churches Proclaim the Gospel

  1. Praveen

    Daryl thank you for the wonderful insights. the statement you made is really interesting and true. when our priority is the Kingdom, our only question is not the health of our church, but the health of our city.

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