Taking a Network Approach to Equipping Healthy Churches

Author: Amanda Jackson | Source: YouTube channel

Taking a Network Approach to Equipping Healthy Churches

Amanda Jackson works as the Secretary General for Church in Community for the WEA. In this role, she encourages collaboration and partnerships between large networks and the local church. Amanda’s presentation will explore the role of global networks in equipping the local church. She will look at how networks can help foster healthy local churches and share some of the challenges large networks face when engaging at the local or regional level. This webinar, drawing on her 20+ years of experience, will be invaluable for leaders of large networks, denominations, mission agency leaders, and church leaders as we seek to engage the local church around the world.

Key Ideas

  1. Networks can help churches connect with ministries and resources that best fit their unique needs.
  2. Networks must be careful to not create the conditions in which dependency can occur. This is partly accomplished by listening closely to church leaders.
  3. Networks can offer expertise and perspective gained from working in many different contexts and cultures.
  4. Networks should take a leadership role in involving, encouraging, and supporting the role of women in leadership.


Webinar: Network Approach to Equipping Healthy Churches

1 thoughts on “Taking a Network Approach to Equipping Healthy Churches

  1. Samuel G.

    Network approach to equipping healthy churches has helped me to see things from a fresh perspective. Many of the churches I have had the privilege of walking through their corridors have been struggling and running round circles trying to achieve what seemed like “impossible” tasks all by themselves. I have gained so much from this material. I am richly empowered and equipped to press on as I anticipate advocating for networks in my region.

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