Collaborative Mentoring: Growing Effective Collaborative Leaders

Author: Tim Brown | Source: You Tube


Collaborative Mentoring: Growing Effective Collaborative Leaders

Mentoring collaboration leaders requires a collaborative style of mentoring that goes beyond sharing experience and advice. In this webinar, Tim Brown, Senior Advisor for visionSynergy, shares a partnership-based approach to mentoring collaborative leaders developed over 10 years of working with oral culture leaders to expand their collaboration capacity.


Key Ideas

  1. Mentoring collaborative leaders requires taking a collaborative approach
  2. Collaborative Mentoring is a two-way experiential learning partnership
  3. Mentoring collaborative leaders follows a three-stage partnering process.
  4. Collaborative Mentoring requires a hands-on learning style where both parties are able to co-collaborate, participate, and learn from each other.


2 thoughts on “Collaborative Mentoring: Growing Effective Collaborative Leaders

  1. Jay B.

    Thanks very much for this brief, yet insightful webinar on collaborative mentoring! It does a great job of summarizing the main points of establishing a strong and healthy mentoring relationship.

    One small suggestion for you on the slide that discusses Mentoring vs Coaching… The second bullet on that slide (and what Tim says about it) seems to suggest that Coaching is a top-down advice giving method of helping others. I’m not sure what model of coaching this is referring to and thus what definition of coaching you’re using, but the model of coaching that I prefer is one that is completely driven by the coachee, where the coachee identifies his/her own goals and action items, and where the Coaches primary role is to ask questions (mostly open ended) that help and empower the coachee to discover his/her own way forward (and then be accountable for taking action). In the model of coaching I follow, coaching is definitely NOT advice giving. That should never happen in a pure coaching situation. In your future webinars, I’m wondering if you could possibly clarify that there are different models of coaching out there – because otherwise the definition you used could be off-putting for some people and steer them away from coaching, which in reality can be another good method of developing people.

    We have a page on our website that gives our definition of coaching vs mentoring: We have not yet integrated your collaborate mentoring idea into our definition, although I really like it.

    Thanks again for sharing this great free resource!

  2. Daniel Dow Post author

    Hi Jay,

    As a fellow coach trained in a similar model of non-directive coaching, I can readily understand the concern you raise regarding our reference to coaching. We needed to be clearer about our definition of coaching.

    That said, we were actually trying to draw a distinction between coaching AND advice giving as two different approaches used in mentoring. The top-down reference was intended to describe advice giving and traditional models of mentoring not coaching but unfortunately we weren’t clear on that point. Thanks for the great feedback!

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