Synergy Commons Webinar: Collaborating to Reach the Muslim World with the Gospel (Fouad Masri)

Collaborating to Reach the Muslim World with the Gospel:

Can partnerships produce a lasting impact on the Muslim world? In this webinar, Fouad Masri, CEO of Crescent Project, discusses the challenges of leading in the midst of rising fear and anger towards Muslims and the power of partnership to overcome these challenges and reach Muslim Communities with the gospel.

Drawing on Crescent Project’s model of collaborative ministry, Fouad shows how collaboration has amplified their ability to effectively support Muslim outreach efforts and equip the church to reach the Muslim world with the Gospel.

Ministry and network leaders will also appreciate Fouad’s Heads, Hands, and Heart questions for effectively preparing your organization to engage with Muslim communities.


Key Points:

  1. Collaboration accelerates the gospel.
  2. Collaboration and partnership significantly expand how God can work through you, increases ministry effectiveness, and grows your ability to make a Kingdom impact.
  3. Your ministry mindset can make a huge difference in your effectiveness — especially among Muslims.
  4. Evaluate your organization’s beliefs, motivation, and approach to reaching Muslims. Is it based on fear or love?


Notable Quotes:

  • “God saves us and then he gives us a job.”
  • “Must remember that our end goal is not training Christians, but sharing the Gospel with Muslims.”
  • “Collaboration accelerates the Gospel.”
  • “Critical we help Christians see Muslims through the eyes of God.”
  • “We are more informed by CNN than grassroots reality of how God is moving among Muslims.”
  • “The #1 reason Muslims come to Christ is that they meet an authentic Christian.”
  • “Do we really believe that God loves Muslims and is calling us to share the Gospel with them?”


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