Synergy Commons Webinar: Committed Collaboration (Dee Moskoff)

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Committed Collaboration: Creating a framework for trust and mutual accountability

Dee Moskoff, Executive Director of the Connect Network, discusses how turning shared values and vision into action requires organizations and networks to build deeper levels of accountability and partnership. This transition is where networks often get stuck. In this webinar, Dee Moskoff shares a 3 stage process for building Kingdom partnership agreements that achieve results while protecting relationships and trust.


Key Ideas

  1. Build a partnership through relationships not agreements.
  2. Invest in the relationship by taking the time to listen, gain common understanding, and build trust.
  3. Seek to be a peace-builder, not a peace-keeper
  4. Mutual accountability is built on relationship and protected by agreements
  5. Build agreements that protect the relationship. Agreements without relationship are just contracts.


One thought on “Synergy Commons Webinar: Committed Collaboration (Dee Moskoff)

  1. Cecily

    A really helpful presentation!
    Most helpful for me was the reminder that the beneficiaries of our work need to be heard and included in the decision making process.
    Thank you, Dee!

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