Fundraising for Network Leaders


Network leaders often identify network fundraising as one of the biggest challenges. For many networks, the lack of financial resources limit their capacity to have an impact.

Kehinde OjoTo help network leaders in their funding efforts, Synergy Commons has invited Kehinde Ojo and Barbara Shantz, Catalysts with the Lausanne Ministry Fundraising Network (MFN), to lead our next Synergy Commons webinar.

Barbara ShantzIn their capacity as advisors and trainers, Kehinde and Barbara have worked with leaders, ministries, and networks from around the world. Their passion is to raise up a heart of generosity in the church, to help leaders embrace a biblical approach to raising funds and to equip leaders with critical fundraising skills.

In this 65 minute webinar, Kehinde and Barbara encourage network leaders to take a biblical approach to fundraising. They show how these biblical principles can help networks overcome four common network fundraising challenges. Participants will leave with practical strategies that can improve their funding efforts.


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