Developing Network Influence

Author: Eldon Porter | Source: visionSynergy YouTube channel

Developing Network Influence

The degree of influence that a network has on its clients depends almost entirely on how well it empowers them for effective ministry.

Ministry leaders seek help in meeting two critical needs, both of which a network is uniquely positioned to provide. The first is to serve as the place where information regarding the focus of the network can be held. The gathering of information and curating it in an accessible format is key. And the second is the capacity to connect ministry leaders both internally as well as externally.

Most successful ministries today are done in collaboration with others and a network can facilitate strategic ministry connections. This webinar will look at practical ways that a network can become the place ministry leaders look to for both reliable information as well as for contacts with potential ministry partners. it also provides an excellent introduction to the world of networks and their expanding role in missions.

Key Ideas

  1. Networks are the leadership platforms of today’s global missions
  2. Three drivers of mission collaboration and networks
  3. New stakeholders
  4. Types of Mission Networks
  5. Curating network resources
  6. Facilitating connections