The Synergy Commons is sponsored by visionSynergy and is made possible by the generosity of hundreds of individuals, churches, and Christian foundations who believe in the vital importance of Kingdom collaboration.

visionSynergy empowers Christian organizations to work together for maximum impact by developing and strengthening strategic ministry networks in critical areas of world mission.

visionSynergy has played a unique role in the worldwide Christian movement as one of the few mission service organizations specifically dedicated to advancing ministry collaboration. Over the past 25 years, members of the visionSynergy team have formed, facilitated, or advised more than a hundred missional networks and partnerships which have collectively involved thousands of Christian organizations. Through these groups, ministries work together to share information and resources, and ultimately, accomplish significant shared goals.

visionSynergy’s primary focus is providing advisory services as catalysts, coaches, and consultants to missional networks around the world. visionSynergy is also committed to providing a variety of tools and training to equip collaborative leaders both within the specific networks they serve and in the broader Christian community to encourage Christian leaders everywhere to adopt a partnership approach to ministry in their own contexts.

visionSynergy believes that Christians are called to work together and – having seen the fruit of effective networks – they are convinced that collaboration is the single best strategy for addressing the most pressing needs in the world today. Collaboration is the key that reduces the duplication of our efforts, increases the effectiveness of our ministries, and strengthens the credibility of our witness for Christ.