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The Synergy Commons is designed to be a resource library, learning center, and community of practice for Christian leaders who want to leverage the power of collaboration in their ministry fields.

Through the community areas of the Commons, you can make personal connections and engage in discussion with other leaders about what it takes to build and sustain missional networks.

While anyone can browse the resources on the site, only registered members of the Commons can view member profiles, message other members, make comments, post and reply in forums, join and create groups, and more. If you are not yet a member, you can join now, take the tour, or learn more. Membership is free.


Directory of all current members in the Commons. Find and connect with members who share your interests.


Directory of all public and privately listed groups in the Commons. Find and join groups in your areas of interest. For private groups, you must request membership to access the group. Hidden groups are not listed in the public directory. You must be invited to join a hidden group.


Directory of all community and group forums in the Commons. Join discussions in your areas of interest. To participate in private group forums, you may need to request membership in the group first.


Stream of all current activity in the Commons. View and filter the activity stream according to your interests. Post and comment directly in the activity stream to make your conversations publicly visible.