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Start with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which we update regularly. If you still need assistance, we also offer a support forum where you can look for answers or post your question. Either community members or a site curator will followup. If none of these support options answer your question, please feel free to reach out to us directly through the contact form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our collection of frequently asked questions. We update the FAQ regularly so chances are good you’ll find your answer here. Why not save some time and see if we have the answer you need. This is a great first step.

Commons Support Forum

The Commons Support Forum is an excellent place to find support as well. Start by searching the Support Forum for posts on your topic. If what you need is not there, then please post your question as a new topic. Experienced community members and the site curators will be able to assist you. Posting a question also helps members who may have a similar question. Please know that there may be a delayed response if the post is made during non-business hours.

The Group for Group Admins

This group supports group administrators who want to start a new group. We ask all owners of a new group to request membership in this admin group. You can do this this by simply following the link to the Group for Group Admins page and clicking the “request access” button. This group will help you set up and maintain your group.

Notification Management

Community sites often generate a fair bit of email updates and notifications. Notifications can originate from any forum, group or service you sign up for. Fortunately, it is easy to manage your notifications. The notifications page contains specific details on how to do this effectively.

Contact Us

Sometimes you need specialized help. In those situations, enter your request using the contact form. Please provide as much information as you can including your member account name, email address, type of computer (Apple, pc, laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc.), type of browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), any error message, and as much detail about what you were trying to do when the situation occurred. The more information we have the faster we can respond. We’ll do our best to respond quickly, however there may be some delay if the support request occurs during non-business hours.