Learning Center


The Synergy Commons is designed to be a resource library, learning center, and community of practice for Christian leaders who want to leverage the power of collaboration in their ministry fields.

Our learning opportunities will provide you with the foundational frameworks, key insights, and practical skills you need to be effective as a collaborative leader. Whether you have significant experience working with missional networks and partnerships, or you are just beginning to explore the potential of greater collaboration in your own ministry area, you will find a treasure of useful ideas here.


Insightful presentations on a wide variety of relevant topics. Webinars are brought to you by community members and guest speakers with experience launching and leading collaborative initiatives around the world. Register for upcoming webinars or watch and discuss past webinars.

Self-paced Courses

Core concepts and the fundamental skill sets needed to launch and lead missional networks and partnerships. Learn the step-by-step process of partnership development, the key principles for healthy networks, and the best practices for high-impact collaboration.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Community-based learning activities that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and practical expertise within the network leader community. The Commons supports peer-to-peer learning through special interest groups, community discussion forums, and the Synergy Summit conferences, which bring together global network leaders every 18 months for several days of inter-network connection, knowledge sharing and collaborative learning.