Building Effective Mission Networks


Building Effective Mission Networks

Email course
10 lessons

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Building Effective Mission Networks is a free, self-paced, email course that will take you through 10 key topics to help you develop healthy, high-impact, mission networks.

Each topic includes an in-depth article followed by a selection of video stories from experienced mission leaders.

The articles in this course were written by Phill Butler – author, partnership consultant, and founder of visionSynergy, InterDev, and InterCristo. Phill has dedicated the past 30 years of his life to the development of more than a hundred strategic ministry networks and partnerships around the world.

This course will benefit any network leader – especially those who are in the critical formation-to-operation phase of development.

If you want to make sure that your network develops with a strong and healthy foundation, then this course is for you.

The course also includes a dedicated discussion forum where you can ask questions and interact with other network leaders on the Synergy Commons.


1. Formation – Launching Your Network
2. The Facilitator – Central To Your Network
3. Next Steps – Getting Your Network Underway
4. Effective Structures – Organizing Your Network
5. Working Groups – Making Your Network Effective
6. Funding – Paying For Your Network
7. Communications – Keeping Everyone On The Same Page
8. Evaluation & Reporting – Keeping Your Network On Track
9. Intercultural Differences – Implications For Your Network
10. Managing Change – Nothing Stands Still