About the Commons

About the Commons


The Synergy Commons is an online community of practice designed to help Christian leaders build effective missional networks in their ministry fields.

Until recently, there have been few places to go for connections, resources, and further development in the specific skill-sets needed to lead missional teams, partnerships, and networks.

The Commons offers collaborative leaders a space to connect with other peers, share stories, pass on experience, and offer encouragement. In addition, network leaders can tap into a growing toolkit of resources, articles, and best practices as well as a variety of skill-building learning opportunities.


Take a tour of the site and find out how the Commons works as a community of practice. Learn all about all the different features the Commons has to offer – members, groups, forums, resources, learning opportunities, and more.


The vision of the Synergy Commons is to become a global learning community for Christian leaders who want to build effective missional networks in their ministry fields.


The Synergy Commons is sponsored by visionSynergy and is made possible by the generosity of hundreds of individuals, churches, and Christian foundations who believe in the vital importance of Kingdom collaboration.


The Synergy Commons is curated by the staff of visionSynergy and a volunteer group of members who serve in hands-on roles as developers, administrators, moderators, editors, and facilitators. We welcome feedback, recommendations, and contributions from all members.

Advisory Group

The Commons Advisory Group is a volunteer team of members who provide strategic input on the development and operation of the Commons. Any active member of the Commons is welcome to join the Advisory Group. This is a great opportunity to take a more active role in shaping the future of our learning community!

Community Guidelines

The Synergy Commons is a community of practice for collaborative network leaders working to advance the Kingdom. While we each bring to this task different gifts, resources and strategies, we are a community united in Jesus Christ and a common Kingdom mandate. Therefore, all members agree to conduct themselves in a spirit of unity with generous grace, respectful humility and love for one another as members of the same body.

Terms of Service

By using this website you accept the terms of service. If you disagree with these terms you must not use this site. You are welcome to direct any questions to the curators of this site for clarification.