Case Study - STEM

Partnership Case Study: STEM (The Sub-Saharan Technology Evangelism Movement)

STEM: The Sub-Saharan Technology Evangelism Movement
A narrative case study on collaboration

The team at visionSynergy have put together a fictional case study on collaboration designed to show the step-by-step process and key principles of developing missional partnerships.

While the story of STEM is fictional, the content and characters of the story are drawn from numerous real-world examples of grassroots partnerships.


About the story

The story is set in the country of Nigeria, where the characters collaborate together over several years toward the goal of reaching Nigeria with the Gospel through Internet-based evangelism on a scale never seen before.

At several points in the story, the emerging partnership faces various crises. You are encouraged to pause and reflect on the crisis situation, analyze what you see as the key issues, and predict what might happen next before continuing to read the story.

Stage by stage, you will see how the STEM group moved through the three key stages of partnership development: Exploration, Formation, and Operation. You will also see how 15 key principles of healthy and effective collaboration were at work.


How to use the story

There are two versions of the story: a plain version and a keyed version including side notes explaining the stages, principles, and lessons learned in the story.

You could use this story as a team or group exercise.

First, read the plain version, pausing at the crisis points for discussion. After reading the story, reflect on what you think could be transferable principles for your own group. Then, refer to the keyed version and read the included descriptions of the stages, principles, and lessons learned.



You can download the two versions of the case study here:

Plain version

Keyed version

Keyed version:

Source: visionSynergy


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