Network Leader Mindset

Cultivating a Network Leader Mindset

Author: Jane Wei-Skillern | Source: Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) Posted: Mar. 27, 2017.


In this 75 minute podcast, Jane Wei-Skillern, an adjunct associate professor at the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley, identifies four counterintuitive principles that are essential to effective collaboration and a network leader’s mindset:

  • Trust, not control
  • Humility not brand
  • Node, not hub
  • Mission, not organization

Based on 15 years of research on a range of successful networks, Wei-Skillern uses detailed case studies to illustrate these principles. She offers insights for how nonprofit leaders can ensure their collaborations can have an impact dramatically greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Key ideas

  1. Successful network leaders lead through relationships that are based on mutual trust.
  2. Networks listen and learn.
  3. Hub organizations keep control centralized while networks decentralize control.
  4. Networks focus on the mission, not the organization or its structures.

Download or listen to the podcast and view an accompanying presentation

Listen to the podcast: Cultivating a Network Leader Mindset [MP3]

View the podcast presentation: Cultivating a Network Leader Mindset [PDF]

Download the podcast: Cultivating a Network Leader Mindset [MP3]

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