Tom Wujec - How to draw toast

How To Draw Toast

How To Draw Toast

Tom Wujec, creator of the The Marshmallow Challenge, has developed a new group activity designed to help a team, organization, or network think systematically about their goals and challenges.

This new group activity is called: How To Draw Toast!

Check out the Draw Toast website for a step-by-step guide, a library of visual templates, and a comprehensive primer to systems thinking.

Here below is a short talk from Tom Wujec explaining how drawing toast can give us insights into solving challenging problems.


How does this apply to missional networks?

Many times the opportunities or obstacles that draw us together to collaborate in ministry are simply too big and too complex for any one ministry alone. The complexity of our rapidly changing world requires good systems thinking as we work toward collaborative solutions.

Any major mission challenge or global issue you may consider will be complex by nature – whether that challenge be ministry to refugees, city reaching movements, business as mission, or an unreached people group.

Systems thinking can help us better understand the obstacles to change and help us collaborate together toward lasting impact.


Source: YouTube | TED Talks . Draw Toast | Tom Wujec


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