Network Development Reflections – A 40 Day Devotional


“This book has the potential to inspire and equip strategic champions for children and Christian network leaders worldwide.” – Brian Wilkinson, Head of Network Development for VIVA

Network Development Reflections This devotional guide is based on a network development guide produced by Viva. It focuses on the basic principles of network development and ties them together with biblical principles and scripture.

This devotional will help readers to engage with these network concepts using a biblical framework. It was designed to support partner networks working globally with children at risk and to facilitate the growth of sustainable networks that will result in real change.

When Viva’s International office first came across these reflections, they recognized that the wisdom and depth of knowledge in this devotional could potentially benefit a much wider audience than originally intended.

It is written by Fe A. Feronda and an Action Group from the Philippine Children’s Ministry Network (PCMN). Key contributors include Garicel Garina, Gerald Tampico, Josefina Gutierrez, Maureen Okundi, and Rufina Salvatierra.

This book of devotionals serves as a fundraiser for the network. It can be bought on Amazon and delivered anywhere in the world with all proceeds going to PCMN as an income generating project.


Fe A. Feronda. Network Development Reflections: A 40 Day Devotional Tool Using Biblical Reflections. Viva Resourcing. 2018.

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