Tool: Priority Roll-up: The Roll-Up Process in Real Life

Author / Presenter: Dave Hacket, Senior Adviser, visionSynergy | Source: YouTube

Priority Roll-up: The Roll-up Process in Real Life

One of the first steps in building an effective network is turning a diverse set of people from many organizations with many agendas into a focused group with a narrow set of initial objectives that they have consensus to work on together.

This process can be challenging. This is especially true when the network is just formed and trust is still being built. Giving everyone a voice and a chance to participate in the decision-making process is vital to maintaining a sense of hope and ownership in a successful outcome.

Just as critical as coming to a collective decision is the importance of moving directly into action planning so that momentum is not lost. Done well, this kind of process helps to make the vision come to life and gives the network a clear vision and tangible objectives to focus on.

In this webinar, Dave Hackett shares a Priority “Roll-up” process that has proven effective in helping networks collaboratively define their priorities.

Key Ideas

  1. A network launched with initial consensus on initial priorities gives it the best chance of thriving later on.
  2. The goal is that everyone is able to present their ideas and be heard while participating in a group decision-making process.
  3. The Priority Roll-up approach involves everyone in the room, builds energy, and makes the entire process transparent.
  4. Narrow the priority down to one priority so the focus is clear and achievable.
  5. Within that priority, work with the group to develop action items that draw on many of the shared ideas and recommendations identified in the process.
  6. Where possible give participants the opportunity to work together in their areas of interest.


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