Partnership Essentials

Based on twenty years of field experience around the world, this course gives network and partnership leaders practical, scripture-based insights that can be immediately applied to their network or partnership.

This ten-day, email-based course introduces collaboration-minded ministry leaders to ten key partnership development principles:

  • Vision
  • Due Diligence
  • Process, not an Event (EFO)
  • Partnership and Process of Discipleship / Evangelism
  • Restored Relationships
  • Trust
  • Power of Community Witness
  • Engagement
  • Prayer
  • Communication

Participants will receive a daily email lesson. Each lesson includes:

  • An introduction to the Partnership Principle
  • 3 – 5 minute video by Phill Butler
  • Several reflection / discussion questions
  • Links to additional articles and videos

While we use the term Partnership throughout the course, these ten partnership principles apply to alliances, coops, networks, and other collaborative efforts.

  • Format – 10-day, email-based course
  • Language – English
  • Time – 10 – 15 minutes / day
  • Cost – Free

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