Peer-to-Peer Learning


The Commons promotes community-based learning activities that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and shared experience. Members have the opportunity to participate in special interest groups, community discussion forums, and the Synergy Summit conferences, which bring together global network leaders for several days of inter-network connection, knowledge sharing and learning.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups enable members with shared ministry interests to collaborate, exchange information, and share expertise. Groups typically have a specific focus and purpose that is established by the members. Groups are moderated by one or more group moderators who set up the group, invite members, and help facilitate the group. Group members contribute by sharing expertise, answering questions, posting stories, responding to group member posts, and collaborating on any group projects or tasks that may emerge.

Discussion Forums

Community discussion forums give members the opportunity to discuss topics of interest, exchange information, offer encouragement, and share perspectives. Like groups, they have a moderator who supports the discussion forum. Participants must be members of the Commons and join the forum to contribute to the conversation.



Synergy Summit

Synergy Summit is an invitation-only global conference that focuses on collaboration, network leadership and partnerships. Hosted every 18 months by visionSynergy, the Summit brings together global network leaders for several days of inter-network connections, knowledge sharing and collaborative learning.