Can You Hear Me Now? Facilitating Effective Virtual Network Meetings

“If your network is characterized by the pervasive use of technology, and is populated by individuals from increasingly diverse backgrounds, then members may encounter a disconnecta feeling of social and emotional distance magnified by their virtual environment…”


Facilitating effective network meetings in a collaborative, multi-cultural environment is challenging. It gets even more difficult when you need to do it all through your computer!

Technically ConnectedIn this webinar, Warren Janzen, International Director for SEND, a key partnership facilitator, and author of the soon-to-be-published book Technically Connected, will be sharing practical strategies for facilitating virtual meetings that encourage cross-cultural collaboration, strong relationships and high levels of trust.

Many of the principles in this webinar are from Warren Janzen’s soon-to-be-published book “Technically Connected: Navigating Distance on Virtual Teams (Book Cover Notes).”

Key Ideas

  • How virtual network meetings differ from face-to-face meetings
  • The sources and symptoms of team disconnect when online
  • Tips for preparing a virtual network meeting (Before, During, After)
  • Building awareness of cultural differences in online teams
  • Building trust in online environments


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