9 Best Practices for Engagement in Virtual Meetings

“Virtual meetings which are not well implemented can mean a loss of productivity or create collaborative overload. Aside from technical issues, the biggest problem is engagement.”


Trainer, Speaker, Author, and Blogger, Beth Kanter shares a shortlist of 9 best practices for increasing your team member’s engagement and participation in your online meetings.

Key Ideas

  • Co-create your team’s rules of engagement or virtual meeting norms
  • Virtual meeting design is more than agenda planning
  • Avoid technical and time-zone scheduling snafus
  • Always do a virtual icebreaker or check-in
  • Create a line for participants to follow
  • Use techniques for virtual brainstorming, voting, feedback, and energizers
  • Evaluate and continuously improve virtual meetings
  • >Make sure virtual participants aren’t left out in hybrid meetings
  • Send meeting notes that people actually read

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