Code of Best Practice for Church-to-Church Partnerships

Church-to-Church Partnerships

Many local churches around the world are actively engaged in cross-cultural overseas mission work through partnerships with missionaries, other churches, and numerous agencies.

However, these local church partnerships are also often fraught with failures.


Code of Best Practice

Global Connections, a network of 200+ Christian churches, agencies, and colleges in the UK have developed a Code of Best Practice for Church to Church Partnerships. The Code of Best Practice provides a set of healthy guidelines for churches interesting in forming inter-church / inter-agency partnerships in cross-cultural settings.

The Code outlines a brief list of core values and then highlights best practices in three key areas: Culture, Relationships, and Finances. The Code also includes a checklist for getting started and a description of common mistakes.

The Code concludes with two brief case studies. The first case study describes a partnership between All Souls Church in London and a ministry in India. The second describes the experience of Hook Evangelical Church in their work with Wycliffe as HEC sought to adopt and engage with the Dawla unreached people group of Chad.



Code of Best Practice for Church to Church Partnerships (PDF)  



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