4 Keys To Keeping Network Leaders Moving

Learn and Lead: 4 Keys to Keeping Network Leaders Moving

The Challenge:

How can a network leader keep their growing network’s leaders and work teams on task and fulfilling their commitments without micromanaging?

Why is this issue such a challenge for networks?

  • As the reach and size of a network expands, the task moves beyond the core team into distributed working teams. Commitment, focus and progress can dissipate as distance, complexity and communication becomes more challenging.
  • Network leaders bring different levels of availability, commitment, passion and skill to their roles.
  • Many networks are composed of volunteers with day jobs or share resource people with other ministries.
  • Remote work teams face additional challenges caused by isolation, distance, unclear or changing objectives and reduced access to information.


Resource Summary:

This collection of best practices addresses the leadership challenge of how to keep a growing network moving and its leaders engaged and fulfilling their commitments. Drawn from Synergy Common’s Peer Learning Cohorts, this document offers four key strategies and over 30 field-tested ideas network leaders can use in┬átheir own networks.


A big thank you to the members of Peer Learning Cohort #1 for allowing their conversation and ideas to be shared with other network leaders!

Downloadable / Printable Resource:

4 Keys to Keeping Your Network Leaders Moving