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Global Insights for Leading and Ministering in Honor-Shame Contexts

Global Insights for Leading and Ministering in Honor-Shame Contexts

In April 2016, visionSynergy and HonorShame.com co-facilitated a global online learning conversation on SynergyCommon.net. The burst group focused on leading and ministering in honor-shame contexts. This document, Global Insights for Leading and Ministering in Honor-Shame Contexts, summarizes the key ideas that were shared over the course of 14 days by 30 participants from around the world. Network leaders will find it a useful resource for leading global network teams. Note: Clicking on @handles at the end of each post excerpt will link to the complete post at Synergy Commons. This burst group discussion will remain on the site as a community resource.

The Burst Group discussion took place over 14 days and involved 53 voices, 6 topic threads, and 76 replies. Contributors participated from 15+ countries. Over 81 members of the Synergy Commons joined the group. Jayson Georges and Daniel Dow co-facilitated the discussion in partnership with a global team of contributors and member participants.

Burst groups are facilitated, time-limited conversations on specific topics and issues of interest to network leaders and their teams. The goal of these conversations is to create a learning dialogue in which different viewpoints and insights are shared and discussed.


Four Guiding Questions:

  1. The Faces of Honor-Shame Cultures
  2. Resolving Conflict…Without Shaming
  3. A Gospel that Changes
  4. To Be, or Not to Be…A Patron?


Download Resource:

  1. Global Insights for Leading and Ministering in Honor-Shame Contexts [PDF}


Additional Resources:

  1. HonorShame.com
  2. JacksonWu.org
  3. HonorEthics.org
  4. WernerMischke.org
  5. TheCultureTest.com
  6. At The Edge of the Kalahari
  7. Global Mapping International infographic—”Culture’s Color, God’s Light
  8. Mission Frontiers issue “The Power of Honor” (Jan 2015)
  9. Christianity Today article, “The Return of Shame” by Andy Crouch



A big thank you goes out to Jayson Georges and the team of global contributors from the Honor Shame Network for co-facilitating this conversation. A big thank you to Jayson Georges for creating this summary document and Werner Mischke for his terrific document design contributions. Kudos as well to the members who also shared their insights.

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