How to Nurture a Culture of Exchange

“Almost a decade ago, Dutch blogger Joitske Hulsebosch used a phrase in his blog that has stuck with me. The phrase has proved to be quite useful, and as relevant to networks today as back then. He wrote that the bigger challenge in a network is always to create a “culture of exchange.” – Dave Hackett


One of the most effective ways that network leaders can exponentially increase their network’s capacity for creativity, collaboration, impact, and value is to nurture a culture of exchange. This is after all one of the core benefits and capabilities of an effective network.

As Dave Hackett states, “Effective network leaders create an environment that supplies the means, motive, and opportunity (MMO) for its members to collaborate. These are the elements in a culture of exchange, and they apply both to face-to-face gatherings and when participants are apart.”

In this article, Dave Hackett discusses practical ways that network leaders can intentionally develop the means, motive, and opportunity (MMO) to create a culture of exchange within your network.

Key Ideas

  • Networks with a strong culture of exchange have the means to share information and resources, the motive (desire, ethic, and incentive) to share, and the opportunity to share.
  • Effective network leadership teams and networks create the mechanisms and processes that enable the easy and timely exchange of expertise, information and resources.

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