Koinonia: DNA of Gospel Partnership

Author: Dr. Joel Christenson | Permission: The article “Koinonia: DNA of Gospel Partnership” was previously published in Mission Round Table 10 (January 2015): 12-15. It is republished with permission.


Koinonia: The DNA of Gospel Partnership

Have you ever wondered if partnership is worth it? In this article, Dr. Joel Christenson examines the motivation for gospel partnership. He explores what a biblical motivation for partnership looks like by asking readers to consider what makes partnership worthwhile? Additionally, he proposes that God give us a mandate to not only cross cultural boundaries, but also through partnership — organizational ones as well.

Through a word study of “Koinonia, Dr. Christenson unpacks the biblical concept of “gospel partnership”. He shows that true gospel partnership is grounded in “koinonia” relationships with God and each other. They are what make partnership worth all the time and effort. These kind of relationships are are what empowers the work and witness of a network.

Network leaders will find this article an inspiring and encouraging read. Leaders are invited to share and discuss this article with their team and supporters.


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