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The Need for Partnerships for Effective Ministry


From the beginning, God designed to us live and work in community, unity and partnership. So why do we often decide to work alone in our ministries? Why do we avoid partnering with others in our local areas knowing that they have the same passion to grow God’s Kingdom?

This article explores the “Fishers of Men” Bible story found in Luke 5:1-7. It highlights the vital role partnerships play in effective ministry and suggests lessons we can apply. The hope is that you will be inspired to seek out both new partners and strengthen existing partnerships so that your ministries will be effective.

For Reflection

  1. What have you learned as you have been reading this passage and short article? What has God’s Word revealed to you?
  2. What would you add to the partnership principles revealed in this story presented here?
  3. How might the partnership principles in this story be adapted to your ministry context?
  4. What might be 1 or 2 steps you can take to strengthen your ability and opportunities for collaborative partnership?


Tim Brown. The Need for Partnerships for Effective Ministry. edited by Vasantharaj Albert. ICGQ Newsletter. August 2018.

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