Network Profile: Vision 5:9

Source: YouTube | visionSynergy
This short video profiles Vision 5:9, a global mission network focused on ministry among unreached Muslim peoples.
In this video, members of the Vision 5:9 steering team share about their goal of seeing churches among all unreached Muslim peoples by the year 2025. Members of this diverse leadership team reflect the diversity of the network as a whole, which includes more than 170 ministry organizations around the world. Their comments emphasize the importance of honor and equality in the mission movement as “the old sending countries learn to be one among many, and the new sending countries gain courage and self-confidence.”


2 thoughts on “Network Profile: Vision 5:9

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  2. David Dick

    Thanks for posting this brief video. Very thrilling to see and hear these Majority World Church leaders preparing the way forward through humble, yet inspiring, and proactive steps in reaching majority Muslim nations and their peoples.

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