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The Network Journey map is a visual description of the three different stages (Exploration, Formation, Operation) that we typically see in the development of a network. The map shows the goals, steps, success factors, and potential pitfalls present in each stage.

The map can be used to help illustrate how networks develop or can be used in a network planning process as you evaluate whether a network is ready to go to the next step.

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3 thoughts on “Tool: Network Journey Map

  1. Karsten

    Linear or Cyclic?
    We are looking at this model in a partnership meeting today and we liked it as it helps to determine why things are going well and others are challenging. We suggested that the present de-picturing of the model is more linear than the reality we face. In our case it is more cyclic: for historical reasons we more or less started with operational stage (doing things together), then felt the need to clarify our goals and ways of engagement. We kind of expect that all these 3 stages will be revisited many times in the future. Hence we wonder if a cyclic graphic might be better than the present linear one.

  2. Daniel Dow Post author

    Great to see the map being used in that context! We’ve debated how best to represent the ebb and flow / life cycle of a network. We ultimately decided not to reflect it as a cycle, but rather as a developmental model with each stage preparing the leaders and network for the next. I’d love to see any sketches or diagrams you come up with.

    We tried to capture major decision and transition points throughout the process. For operational networks these decisions (Stop, Keep Going, Do something new) often happen during leadership transitions, over time as partners come and go, or as the needs and mission changes. Instead of cycles, we talk about it as opportunities to revisit key agreements, decisions, and processes because the network is coming is building on what has already been built.

    What was most helpful in the conversation? Have you seen the 12 Health Factors and the Scorecard? I’ll be posting them this week. They are listed on page 3 of the Essential Guide to Effective Networks.

  3. Karsten

    For your encouragement: I am in an other meeting in a very different setting and again the Network Journey visual is on the screen and helping our conversations as we are learning about how to become as an organisation better in partnering! And, surprise, surprise, again the cyclical reality of these stages came up. Thank you for pointing at the 12 Health Factors tool. I will point the facilitator to that tool.

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