Transformational Networks – A Global Strategy

Author: Resonate Global Mission Agency | Source: Vimeo. Posted: Summer 2016.


In this video from Resonate Global Mission, CRC missionaries share stories about the network facilitation approach they use in their work with churches, church and community leaders, and local ministries to see community transformation. 

    Key Ideas

  1. Role of the Facilitator: We create a space for others to discover what others are doing. What is different? What is the same? What complements?
  2. Role of Facilitator: We are here as equippers and empowerers. We comes alongside leaders and help them find their own way.
  3. 2Q: Two question approach: What does the Good News of Jesus Christ look like here and now in our community in the 21st century? And, how is God calling us together to make that Good News visible?

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