The Need for Cross-Sector Collaboration

Author: Jeanine Becker and David B. Smith | Source: Stanford Social innovation Review. Winter 2018.


Addressing today’s most pressing challenges requires developing the capacity to lead collaboratively and to effectively work across sectors. This article dives into the critical need for cross-sector collaboration and leadership skills.

Key Ideas

  1. All too often we approach these [complex and large-scale] issues with piecemeal and even siloed solutions, and with efforts (however passionate, intense, and even exhausting) that aren’t sufficient to address the problems at the scale at which they exist.
  2. Developing as a cross-sector leader is not just about traits, but also a mindset and a set of skills that can be developed.

Resource Link

The Need for Cross-Sector Collaboration


Jeanine Becker and David B. Smith. Stanford Social Innovation Review. Winter 2018.


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