Partnership Handbook: Well Connected

Author: Phill Butler | Source: visionSynergy

Well Connected: Releasing Power, Restoring Hope through Kingdom Partnerships

Well Connected Drawing on nearly 30 years of experience developing mission partnerships and networks around the world, Phill Butler’s Well Connected builds a case for the vital importance of collaboration in the church and provides an instruction guide for building effective Kingdom networks and partnerships.

His book outlines the 3 main stages of partnership, critical leadership roles, and 15 key principles for effective partnership development. He also highlights common pitfalls and challenges. This book is a hands-on resource for mission leaders looking to start or grow collaborative Kingdom networks or partnerships.

Well Connected is currently available in PDF format for free and is available in six languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Tamil. An English-Language Summary of Well Connected is also available. Hindi and Mandarin language editions are in development. Feel free to download and share!

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