Building Trust

4 Keys to Building Trust on Teams


In this two-part series of articles on building trust and avoiding cultural pitfalls, KnowledgeWorkx explores how terms like reliability, openness, respect, and honesty that we normally use to talk about building trust on a team can mean different things to team members from different cultures. While they may seem like straightforward concepts, they have found that different cultures shape these concepts in distinct ways on a team.

Network and team leaders will find these articles to be a highly practical look at the way different cultures interpret these concepts associated with building trust. Leaders will be able to gain insight into a number of culture-based issues and pitfalls that they and the team may be experiencing.

For Reflection

  1. What do these terms mean to you?
  2. What trust-building behaviors do you associate with them?
  3. How might other members of your team respond or identify with this article?


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