A New Equation for Collaboration in Mission


Could it be that The Great Commission plus the Great Commandment added to a Great Commitment, multiplied by Great Collaborations results in Great Communities? (GC + GC + GC) X GC = GC). This article by Phil Miglioratti unpacks this equation and what “Great Collaborations” might look like…

The intended result of Great Commission action by Christ-followers living a Great Commandment lifestyle fueled by a Great Commitment to praying (2:1-2) and mobilized by Great Collaborations … leads to the salvation of individuals (2:4) AND to the transformation of the communities in which they live (2:3).

We cannot be satisfied with events that megaphone a gospel scripture but ignore the debilitating needs of the listener or send them home to a jobless community or an unsafe neighborhood. The Gospel of Jesus is good news for people (faith), for the places they live (hope), and from the things that harm them daily (love).

God’s great communities are waiting to be built by great commission churches making great collaborations to deploy great commandment Christians who make life-transforming prayer a great commitment.

For Reflection

  1. Which of these four “Great Callings” is your network doing well?
  2. Which of these “Greats” needs more attention in your network?
  3. What could happen if your strengthened one of these areas in your network?