Transformative Power of Networks

The Transformative Power of Networks


Networks of networks have huge potential. They encourage the kinds of aggregation, knowledge sharing, and numbers that can result in successful campaigns and community or policy initiatives. Transformation or system shifting requires networks to be involved in networks of networks. This blog post will explain why every network needs to be part of and explicitly develop networks of networks to maximize their impact.

Networks need to be part of three types of networks, shown in the drawing below. Read More…

For Reflection

  1. Locate your network: is it a local network, a network with a specific focus, or a network of different networks?
  2. Is your network part of the other two types of networks? If you are a local project, have you worked to develop a local network of organizations and individuals? Are you connected to a national network? If you are a local network, are you connected to other networks working on the same issue? Are you connected to networks that are different, that provoke you to expand your thinking and reach?
  3. What could you do to connect to existing networks or build a new network? You might want to create a PostIt Note map of all the other networks you might connect to and then set up a conversation with those that seem most promising where you each describe what you are doing and look for ways to learn or work together.


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