Don’t Fall for These 5 Network Myths


In this article on “Network Myths”, Alex Derr discusses the “network myths” that continue to stick around, despite the best evidence to the contrary. Here are five Network Myths you may have heard before, along with what the science really says:

  1. There is a single list of network best practices.
  2. Everyone wants to be a part OF every meeting so they don’t feel left out.
  3. The more integrated our work, the better!
  4. Members with the most power & influence will be the best leaders for the network.
  5. Communications among members is a sign of a strong network.

While these like many myths contain a kernel of truth, they demonstrate the value of questioning your assumptions about how networks work and that expectations that network members may have. Taking the time to reflect on these assumptions and discuss them as a team can be tremendously helpful for both you and the network.

For Reflection

  1. Are there any assumptions or myths you’ve bought into?
  2. Ask yourself, why is it important to me to hold this belief?
  3. What might become possible if I let go of this belief?


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