Be Sensitive to Other Cultures

Author: Stefan Henger, Global Network Leader | Source: Youtube


In this Network Leader video, Stefan Henger discusses the critical importance of building awareness cultural backgrounds and differences within a network. Cross-cultural network teams that lack this awareness can find themselves struggling to communicate and collaborate effectively. Stefan recommends a book by Erin Meyer called The Culture Map to help network leaders develop this awareness.

Key Ideas

  1. Cross-cultural differences can shape our relationships and effectiveness.
  2. It is vital to understand each others cross-cultural backgrounds and differences not only to help us become more effective, but also to grow in our relationships with each other.

Resource Link

Stefan Henger. Network Leader Lessons: Be Sensitive to Other Cultures. Published: 6 April 2018.

Erin Meyer. The Culture Map: Decoding How People Think, Lead, and Get Things Done Across Cultures. Perseus Books Group. 2014.

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