Book: From 1 to 726 – Partners in Transformational Network


This book is for Christian leaders who want to enjoy the blessing of partnership, know how to gradually develop from one partner to more than 726 partner networks, and know how to work together to1 to 726 transform lives and understand the blessing of serving your city. 

This book uses the “Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor” to show how a group of loyal and committed Christian leaders who jointly receive visions from God, rely on His guidance, and transform Christian capital into social capital eventually became a city network of more than 726 groups working together to gather strength, share resources, and exert influence in the Hong Kong community. 

Whether you are an institutional manager, pastoral staff, business manager, or purely interested in developing Kingdom relationships, the book contains the biblical basis, theological theories, research knowledge, practical examples, and character stories that will inspire you and help your group achieve its calling.

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Since our book in Chinese was first issued two years ago in 2020, we have received many inquiries about how to build an effective network and how to transform our community. We started to review all the work with our key partners and identified the success factors in our ministry. Through the process, we were able to illustrate the different network phases in a community and I am excited to share with you what we have compiled so far. With 1,000 partners in the city, there is so much we can do to multiply for His Kingdom. Let’s learn to build His Kingdom together, one step at a time! Building a network in a district requires a strategic plan and God’s guidance in starting with the right convenor. 

Purchase Option: One to One Thousand: Partners in Transformational Network.

Key Ideas / Topics

  • Why does caring for poverty require mutual cooperation?
  • Why should Christians cooperate with each other and participate in caring for poverty?
  • How can we cooperate with others?
  • What do we learn through cooperation?
  • How to work together to bless the community?

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