Growing the Gospel – Planting Mission Networks In Every Community

Author: Joel Huyser | Source: visionSynergy YouTube channel

Growing the Gospel – Planting Mission Networks in Every Community

In this webinar, Joel Huyser, the Global Area Director of Latin America and Asia for Resonate Global Missions, talks about Resonate’s view of holistic mission networks as a critical component of their mission strategy, alongside the more traditional goals of multiplying mission-shaped churches and developing missional leaders.

Joel also discusses the qualities that Resonate looks for in a Mission Network Developer, the role they play in developing a Gospel “ecosystem” within a community, and shares what can happen when local churches and ministries join hands, engage others of good will, and together embody, proclaim and demonstrate the Good News of Jesus.

Note that we experimented with an interview approach in this webinar so no powerpoint is available. Joel did prepare a set of notes for the interview and these are available for download below.

Key Ideas

  1. The strategic role of grassroots / local networks as a vital and often missing part of a mission strategy.
  2. The critical role of mission network developers (Catalysts or Facilitators)
  3. How to assess the progress and value of community-building.
  4. The importance of building friendships, relationships and trust as the fertile ground from which collaborative efforts can emerge.
  5. Tips and questions for growing a local network.