Networks are Changing the Shape of World Missions

Source: These articles were published in the March / April 2017 issue of Mission Frontiers.

Networks are Changing the Shape of World Missions


The March / April 2017 issue of Mission Frontiers shows how networks are changing the face of world missions as we know it, and how God is moving his church toward unprecedented unity through collaboration and the growth of networks.

March / April 2017 Issue

Coming Together Around a Common Biblical Vision
Given the history of missions, Rick Wood asks if is it really possible for God’s people to work together in unity for the sake of God’s glory in all the earth and the spread of His kingdom to all peoples.

How Networks Are Shaping the Future of World Mission
Karin Butler Primuth explores how networks are helping to shape the future of world missions.”

A Survey of Kingdom Collaboration
Phill Butler recounts the history, emergence, and growth of Kingdom collaboration over the past 30+ years of world mission.

Networks & Global Missions: A Dance Floor and a Country Home
Eldon Porter explores the paradigm shifts driving change within the mission agency world. He emphasizes the vital importance of collaboration and partnership as a strategic tool for advancing the gospel.

What Must Be Done? The Birth of a Vision and its Network
John Becker tells the story of the Vision 5:9 network from birth to its current role as a global network involved in global Muslim ministry.

Collaboration Accelerates Church Planting
Murray Moerman highlights the history of the Global Church Planting Network (GCPN) and it contributions to the global church planting movement around the world.

Getting Past The Myths of Partnering
Brian O’Connell discusses four myths that ministries need to understand as they work to embrace collaboration and partnering.

Overcoming the Challenge of High Caste Peoples
P. James tells the story of how the challenge of reaching high-caste peoples in India resulted in the launch of a partnership. He shares how its growth has resulted in thousands coming to Christ and the birth of a local church.

Partnership: The Most Significant Factor In Our Ministry
Marlon Jones shares the story of the Tairell Partnership Alliance, a partnership built to meet the challenges of mobilizing the body of Christ to engage an unreached people group.

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