Leadership Roles

Leadership Roles

leadership roles

Leadership Roles

In each stage of network development, there are critical leadership roles that are needed to move the network forward. We refer to those roles as the Catalysts (Exploration stage), the Champions (Formation stage), and the Coordinators / Facilitators (Operation stage).

Here are links to resource topics that explore these three leadership roles.


Catalysts are the people with the initial vision for the potential network. Catalysts build the personal credibility and relational connections that can draw others together. Catalysts develop a network of relationships, identify interest, and cast a vision for working together.


Champions are individual participants in the network who have a high level of commitment. Champions advocate for greater engagement in the network from their own organizations and wider spheres of influence.


Coordinators – also commonly called Facilitators – provide operational leadership for the network. Facilitators are often loaned to the network by a participating organization to serve in a neutral role to coordinate the activities of the network. Facilitators encourage the network to greater collaboration while staying focused on the big vision.

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