Building Powerful Partnerships


The following GACX blog post is written in the form of an open letter to a church planter in Central and Eastern Europe. He desires to form a partnership network that can help accelerate church multiplication efforts in that area.

In this blog letter, GACX’s Bekele Shanko and John Becker share from their own experiences some principles for starting partnerships and networks to reach a city, country, or entire region.

With years of international network and partnership-building experience between them, Bekele Shanko and John Becker provide five practical principles for starting a church-planting network or partnership. I particularly appreciate their emphasis on preparing your heart and mind for partnership and the focus on building a team of leaders.

Key Points

  1. Prepare Your Heart
  2. Build a Team of Leaders
  3. Convene an Exploratory Meeting
  4. Clearly Articulate the Process of Implementation
  5. Activate and Evaluate


  1. Consider your motivations! Is the Kingdom of God the highest priority or your own ministry goals?
  2. How do they go about identifying leaders? What qualities or attributes do they look for in a leader or partner?
  3. Why might you not start the process by calling a meeting?


  1. Bekele Shanko and John Becker. Building Powerful Partnerships. GACX Library. May 2019.

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