Tool – Mapping Your Network


Social Network Mapping is a powerful way to visualize your network. Although hand drawn maps do not have the detail of web-based network maps, they do help people visualize their network and start to take responsibility for making their networks healthier and more effective.

They can see who is missing and reach out to invite in under represented groups. Network maps can help teams notice if one person or a small group is too central and has become a bottleneck. They can see types of groups or organizations that are not well-connected. There are many different types of relationships that network mapping can help you explore.

While there are numerous network mapping tools available, these tools and network mapping consultants can be quite expensive. To help, Netweaver has compiled a module of five different hand-drawn network mapping activities that are simple to do as a network. Network leadership teams will find network exercises for different purposes in this module.

This creative commons toolset produces simple network maps using Post It notes or by drawing on a large piece of paper. This free resource module includes directions for 5 different network mapping activities. It includes a direction sheet which can help you figure out which process is best for your network. Each set of directions also includes questions you can ask the group to help them analyze and make sense of the map or maps they generate.

The pictures below show examples of many different groups and give you a sense of how different the maps can look!

Hand-drawn Network Map

Hand-drawn Network Map


Materials are made available for free under a creative commons license. Please be sure to credit “June Holley of” as the source.