Designing Effective Virtual Network Consultations and Events

“A tool and environment the network uses to concentrate on communication and coming together. It involves consulting with peers to address the vision, assess challenges and opportunities, and determine future action.”

– Dave Hackett, visionSynergy


This video presentation by Dave Hackett, Michael Kaspar, and Daniel Dow is the second of six monthly 2020 Synergy Summit online workshops. It focuses on how to develop an effective virtual network consultation

Join this workshop to learn how to move your network vision forward by developing an effective virtual meeting agenda and creatively involving your network participants. We will also look at several web-based meeting tools that can enhance your meeting experience.

Key Ideas

This workshop includes three presentations and interviews on different aspects of virtual consultation design:

  • Designing a Virtual Network Consultation
  • Producing a Virtual Network Consultation
  • Selecting Your Virtual Consultation Tools

Download Resources

Designing Effective Virtual Network Consultations and Events

Designing your Network Consultation by Dave Hackett, visionSynergy

Producing your Network Consultation by Michael Kaspar, visionSynergy

Selecting Your Virtual Network Consultation Tools by Daniel Dow, visionSynergy

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