Nine Questions for healthy leaders

Nine Questions for Healthy Movements

My observation is that regardless of the size of the movement, there are several questions that must be effectively addressed to maintain health, growth and momentum. Addressing these issues is a constant filter in the minds of movement leaders


In this GACX article, Scott Ridout, President of Converge, asks movement/network leaders nine challenging questions. The answers to these questions can directly influence the long-term health and viability of a movement or network.

The Nine Questions:

  1. Are the leaders spiritually vibrant?
  2. Is the vision clear and compelling?
  3. Is the theology sound?
  4. Are systems/methods effective?
  5. Are the steps simple?
  6. Are the relationships strong?
  7. Are the influencers/leaders engaged?
  8. Are the benefits clear and communicated?
  9. Is progress/impact celebrated?


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